Our Story

17 pepperill square has had a long standing history of well respected and community loved establishments over the last several years and is a practice we very much aspire to keep in tradition with The New Moon Restaurant. Molded and trained under the previous owner's of the Lily Moon, owner Neil Dumont understands how integral it is that we not only maintain the food and service consistent with previous years of those establishments and that of our own, but to become a staple and an active member of the community here in Saco. So to that end, we felt it was prudent to give those who inquire here a brief history into how this place has come to be established and who are the faces you will come to know upon your visit.


A Tale Of Friendship

            The two most recognizable faces to our established patrons, Owner Neil Dumont and Manager Justin Vigeant, have shared a unique friendship over the years that have led them to the culmination of a business partnership resulting in many of the new changes you see to The New Moon. Back in 1994, the two had a chance meeting during a trip to the beach with their parents, spending the day together and eventually leading to their parents exchanging contact information in order to stay in touch. However this proved difficult as they lived in separate towns and the two fell out of touch for a number of years. Eight years later, Justin's family moved to the town of Wells, where after a few days he befriended an unrecognizable boy. Before long the two exchanged phone numbers in order to organize an after school hangout session, to which their parents noticed something oddly familiar about the contact information. What seemed like fate years after their initial meeting, both Neil and Justin had ended up reconnecting by chance in just their first few days together again eight years later. Fast forward to today and you can find both of them diligently working and orchestrating the many caveats of the New Moon Restaurant or running errands around town. Having always held a shared interest in owning and operating a restaurant since their high school days, the two of them have established a hardworking partnership in what you now know as the New Moon Restaurant, and they plan to be here for a long time.