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Dear valued customers, friends, and family,

We at the new moon are delighted to announce the upcoming changes we will be implementing to our restaurant starting the week of June 3rd. These changes reflect our desire to make the best effort possible to accommodate to our loyal and faithful patrons while continuing to ensure the quality you have all come to expect from us over the past three years. It is important to us that the quality of our food, service, and your favorite entrees remain intact during this transition, a move we believe will serve to improve upon the former categories across the board. With this in mind it is important that we emphasize that ALL your favorite foods and dishes will remain intact as they are and as you love them.

Fresh, Local, Additive Free Foods

When discussing and designing these new implementations, our first and foremost concern was the level of quality product we used in serving you was at the highest it could possibly be. While we were satisfied with our previous output of food and the product we used in order to attain that level, we felt we could exemplify that level of quality by making a move towards fresh, locally raised, all natural organic products. So from here on out rest assured that the food you eat when you dine in with us will be made with the freshest, additive free, locally raised products in each and every meal. For those who are gluten intolerant, we can also assure you that the vast majority of our meals can be made gluten free!

New Hours of Operation:




Thursday- 7:30am-2:00PM

Friday-7:30am-2:00PM, 5:00PM-9:00PM Dinner

Saturday-7:30am-2:00PM, 5:00PM-9:00PM Dinner



Besides the opening of an extra dinner shift on Thursday evenings, the most important and significant changes to the hours of operation will be our meal selection. Previously we have run breakfast until 11 on the weekdays and exclusively on the weekends with lunch being served after 11:00, Tuesday through Friday. Starting June 3rd, we will now be serving brunch (breakfast AND lunch) all day, everyday until 2:00PM on the weekdays and 1:00PM on the weekends. Want breakfast after noon? Done. Want a burger at 9 in the morning? You got it. A change to brunch helps us to ensure that no matter what kind of food you want when you walk through our door, you get.

To that effect, it wasn't enough for us to simply combine our breakfast and lunch menu as is in order to implement the best brunch we envisioned bringing to the town of Saco. So, along with the new hours of operations and brunch schedule, we are proud to present you with the new menu we will be serving at the new moon restaurant!

Brunch Page 1

Brunch Page 2

Brunch Page 3

While we are overjoyed with the implementation of bringing a genuine brunch style restaurant to the town of Saco, we hardly felt that this was the only shift worth making during this transition. Although we are primarily recognized as a breakfast restaurant, we take great pride and confidence in our ability to serve true fine dining meals on the evenings of Friday and Saturday. A new dinner shift was an easy decision to make, and at the request of many of our most beloved customers, we have opted to open up an additional dinner shift on Thursday evenings.

Like the rearrangement of our brunch shifts, simply reorganizing a few hours and meal times weren't enough in achieving our goal of bringing great food, great service and tradition to 17 pepperil square. Expanding on the established repertoire of our dinner menu, we have worked hard to implement and bring about several new additions to our dinner, all of which keep in spirit the philosophy of serving incredible fine dining food in large portions, at affordable prices found in our established dishes. Additionally, an added emphasis on providing fresh, organic, and locally farmed produce has been taken in order to ensure that every meal is served to the highest level of quality you deserve. With this in mind, we are proud to present to you the brand new dinner menu.

Dinner Page 1

Dinner Page 2

Each night alongside these dishes we will have a number of chef prepared specials in order to maintain a diverse and fresh selection each and every night. These dishes will be orchestrated based upon the available product that week through local farmer's markets and nearby vendors. This ensures that in addition to our standard dinner menu we will be serving a variety of special entrees each and every night in order to maintain a unique diversity every time you come to visit us. Specific to this model and its relation to the upcoming 2016 summer, expect numerous new, chef crafted sea food entrees each and every single night. To keep up with these fluctuating specials, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the events & specials webpage on our site, or just give us a call!


-The New Moon Staff

A message from Chef Neil

 In short order, Chef Neil expects the New Moon to be one of Biddeford-Saco’s most talked about restaurant.

In short order, Chef Neil expects the New Moon to be one of Biddeford-Saco’s most talked about restaurant.

Welcome to the new web page of The New Moon Restaurant! If you are a regular customer, you know that we have been Saco’s best-kept secret for many years now. We are launching this web site to keep our many friends and neighbors updated on what’s happening at our cozy little spot in Pepperell Square. Check back often!

But we’re also trying to let other folks know about the New Moon, too. Recently there has been so much positive press about downtown Biddeford-Saco, and in particular, the growing number of excellent choices for dining out. In February, Sarah Prak wrote this glowing article for Maine magazine, detailing her 48 surprising hours spent in Biddeford-Saco. We’ve recently learned that the Portland Pie Company is opening up a restaurant in Biddeford, and the Run of the Mill in Saco and the Palace Diner in Biddeford have been getting all kinds of great press.

You know what, folks? This is all very, VERY good news. Here at the New Moon, we are very proud to be part of culinary explosion that is taking place in Biddeford and Saco, and we see it all as unmistakable validation that downtown Biddeford-Saco is increasingly the place to be --- as is The New Moon Restaurant! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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