The menu is where chef/owner Neil Dumont spends most of his time and truly distinguishes himself. NOTHING is more important. Our cuisine is “from the heart,” all dishes created from the very freshest ingredients, locally sourced to the greatest extent possible. If you press us to label the cuisine, OK, we admit we have serious Italian-American leanings. But we don’t like to paint ourselves into corners, and we LOVE to be creative. There’s nothing better than drinking in your delight at tasting something totally new and exquisitely delicious. That’s our thrill.

Everything made to order, to the most exact specifications, and The New Moon Restaurant will always go to the greatest lengths to make sure each and every customer’s mouth-watering expectations are fully realized.

Check back often to this page. The world’s best restaurants pride themselves on artistry, and on this page you can stay current with The New Moon’s ever-evolving artistry. IT’S WHY WE’RE IN BUSINESS!