They say you can choose your friends but not your relatives. Well, we heartily welcome you as both! New Moon wants you to be as comfortable here as you are in your own family room, eager to return again and again, with a relieved sigh of warm familiarity every time you walk through the door --- this is your spot.

In the mood for 5-star cuisine? Oh yeah, we can make that happen. Need just a simple American diner approach, so that you can banter with your favorite waitress, and get bottomless refills on the morning coffee? Then go ahead, share a couple laughs, it’s your time out, the stress relief you crave and which we provide. Want to dine in a business suit and impress colleagues after work on a Friday night, but then sneak in the very next night with your spouse and another couple, in your coziest pair of jeans, to relax as a completely different person (the REAL you)? You are always welcome here. Trust us. Here’s the secret, Friends, The New Moon is whatever you choose to make it.

The New Moon is about great food, surely. But all our customers agree, the New Moon is mostly about friends and relationships.

See you soon.